Celiac Disease

The content of this article is from the book “The Comprehensive Guide to Glutathione”
by Dr. Jimmy Gutman MD FACEP

Celiac disease, gluten intolerance.

Celiac disease (CD) is a digestive illness triggered in some people by foods containing

the protein gluten and a component of gluten called gliadin. Celiac disease was

called ‘sprue’ or coeliac sprue. The medical term is gluten-sensitive enteropathy. Less

severe forms of the disease are often referred to as gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity,

Gluten protein is found in wheat, barley and rye. The mainstay of treatment is

avoidance of these products. However, these are extremely popular grains that appear in

many types of foods as well as baked goods. For this reason, individuals with celiac

disease must watch out for gluten-containing foods, and carefully read product labels.

In sensitive individuals, gluten triggers an immune response in the small intestine. Over

time this leads to inflammation and tissue damage, poor absorption of nutrients and

symptoms that range from cramps, bloating and diarrhea to more serious complications

including weight loss, anemia, osteoporosis and lymphoma. Considered a type of autoimmune disease, celiac disease can lead to a headaches, rashes, joint pain and more.

Clinical trials of celiac disease antioxidant vitamins have been promising

but have not yet answered an important question: whether the antioxidants work by

simply correcting a problem of malabsorption or by addressing a deeper, underling

problem of oxidative stress.

Celiac disease and glutathione.

Since celiac disease is an immune-related disease, it’s no surprise to find both glutathione

and oxidative stress implicated. Various studies have demonstrated that gluten/gliadin

disturbs the pro-oxidant/antioxidant balance affected individuals by overproducing free

radicals and depleting antioxidants-notably glutathione. This is particularly apparent in children.

Correction of celiac disease at a young age is necessary to avoid cases of failure to thrive.


Evidence suggests that glutathione defends the stomach lining against various threats,

including toxins, oxidative stress and carcinogens. This has prompted scientists to seek

ways of raising glutathione levels in humans for both preventive and curative purposes. Elevated

glutathione levels may protect against gastritis, ulcer and cancer and can certainly complement

conventional treatments for these diseases.


It’s known that pancreatitis leads to high levels of oxidative stress and glutathione

depletion, and antioxidant therapy is being used to treat pancreatitis and prevent its

recurrence. Although antioxidant therapy is a safe complementary treatment for chronic

pancreatitis, its wider adoption as a standard healthcare tool will take time. The lynchpin

of such approach is the search for tools to enhance (modulate) intracellular glutathione

levels. As these tools evolve, further research will focus on how to use them most effectively.


This immune-related disease has shown high levels of oxidation and low levels of glutathione as part of its

pathophysiology. Active investigation into replenishing both antioxidants and glutathione are forthcoming.

The use of glutathione supplementation fights all kind of diseases from respiratory to auto immune to degenerative diseases.

Without question, the best type of preventive medicine is an optimized immune system, and a critical means to optimize it is by feeding it glutathione.

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