The 61-year-old Canadian Charles loved boating. His dream was to retire and spend most of his time on the water, traveling the coasts. Tall, handsome, and fair-skinned, he was unfortunately prone to sunburn. Despite sunscreens and hats, being on the water often left him unprotected and his complexion grew ruddy and inflamed. His physician was worried about the possible development of pre-cancerous sun-induced lesions on his face. Charles had already started taking selenium, alpha-lipoic acid, and lycopenefor a potential prostate problem. After several weeks he noticed his tendency to burn was significantly decreased, despite some ‘accidental’ exposure. In two months his in-the-sun complexion wasn’t so different from his winter complexion.

The use of glutathione supplementation fights all kind of diseases from respiratory to auto immune to degenerative diseases.

Without question, the best type of preventive medicine is an optimized immune system, and a critical means to optimize it is by feeding it glutathione.

This is not the same glutathione that you see at the health food store. This is glutathione precursor. It’s very different because glutathione must be made inside your cells and the precursor is the food your cells   require to make its own glutathione as nature intended. That is the most natural and effective approach to boost your immune system.

It’s all natural with NO side effect. 

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