Dr. Lynn (Parkinson’s)

IMMUNOCAL:  Bonded Cysteine Dietary Supplement (Nutraceutical)
Started taking … (1 packet … 10 grams / day) … May 7, 2005. 
Today is August 6th, 2005 … (90) days after my first packet of Immunocal.  Over 90% of my TOTAL pain is gone.  My mental alertness has vastly improved.  The Parkinson tremors have dissipated and are better than 90% gone.  I am more alert and creative in my consulting work.  My physical stiffness has significantly decreased … I am able to “tap my fingers” rapidly both left and right hand … at almost identical speeds … for the first time in 3 years … (my 80-year old mother traveled in July to Denver from South Dakota because of concerns over my health … and she insisted on countless pictures of me tapping my fingers rapidly together over and over. ) The overall mobility of my right extremities improves each day.

My “quiet” decision to try Immunocal for (90) days:
I made the personal decision to start taking Immunocal on May 7, 2005 … (1) packet a day … faithfully … at the insistence of my dear friend, Nan.  I also made a personal decision NOT to tell any of my family I was taking Immunocal.  Immunocal would be my (and Nan’s) private secret.  In that way … any placebo effect I might have … would be known only to me.  All other changes … IF ANY … caused by the Immunocal … would HAVE to be noticed and observed by others … none of whom knew I was taking Immunocal !!!

Immunocal vs Parkinson’s … Results !!!
About (3) weeks into the Immunocal program … (1) packet a day … people started talking about significant changes:

My son (Lee) told me I seemed more alert and my eyes were “not as glassy” as they used to be … the “scalely” look was gone !!!

My sister (a RN) called and said my “raspy” voice had cleared up and I also seemed much more alert !!!

A close friend (Jim) … noticed I seemed to be moving easier and “less stiff”

My daughter called and said … “Dad, your mental outlook has greatly improved … you seem less depressed and melancholy !!!”

About (6) weeks into the Immunocal program:
My league friends at the bowling alley remarked how much more smooth my bowling approach was and how much HARDER I was throwing the ball (RIGHT HANDED) … than they could ever remember … my bowling average from the fall league had also increased over (50) pins !!!

Other friends remarked … I was smiling more than they remembered in years … I was actually walking more naturally and not dragging my right leg with my right arm “frozen stiffly” at my side.

(3) months into the Immunocal program:
My personal results (from my Parkinson’s daily diary):

+    ability to sleep longer stretches and have a deeper sleep
+    almost total removal of all neck, shoulder, and arm pain
+    regaining of the majority of sense of balance and fluidity of movement on my right side
+    ability to concentrate easier and in longer duration
+    regained lost the creative ability
+    greatly reduced anxiety and depression
+    restored positive mental health outlook
+    restored sense of physical vitality
+    greatly reduced voice faltering and unevenness in voice tones
+    restored 75% of finger dexterity in right hand and fingers
+    eliminated constipation

Immunocal has given me back … “Quality of Life” !!!
I know I am rambling … but since April 18, 2005 … my Parkinson’s RX medication has been unchanged … and the ONLY VARIABLE in my treatment … has been the Immunocal !!!

My “Quality of Life” is returning …
(90%) of my mobility and range of motion has returned to my right arm, fingers, and leg.

My blood pressure (May, 2005) was 160 / 90 … now with Immunocal … it is 125 / 75.

I now take shorthand notes with … either … my LEFT or RIGHT hand.

The uncontrolled drooling has completely stopped
The uncontrolled urinary “accidents” have completely stopped
The dreaded Parkinson’s tremors are (90%+) gone
The “throbbing” unceasing pain in my right forearm and shoulder is GONE !!!
Constipation, lethargy, depression, melancholy … GONE !!! 
Mobility and range of motion are returning to my right arm and leg … proof of this is the fact that this 5-page memo was typed in less than 45 minutes … when 2 months ago I was plodding … typing with (3) fingers of my left hand while my right hand/arm lay “frozen” stiffly by my side
My vision is no longer blurred … I now can read the small print on my NIV Bible without glasses … first time in years I can do that
I play in a competitive (Over 50) baseball league … and also a competitive (Over 60) baseball league … and after (14) games this summer … I’m hitting (.424) … not bad for a 56-year old with Parkinson’s !!!
In 2004 I would play a baseball game on a Sunday … and it would take me a full week (6 days) to recover physically and be ready for the next  game … now after taking Immunocal for (90) days … let me give you my physical schedule for the last (10) days:

Saturday … July 23rd … played (7) innings of baseball in 105 degree heat|
Sunday … July 24th … played (9) innings of baseball in 103 degree heat
Monday … July 25th … walked 3.2 miles
Tuesday … July 26th … walked 3.2 miles
Wednesday … July 27th … bowling league
Thursday … July 28th … walked 1.5 mile
Saturday … July 30th … played (7) innings of baseball in 101 degree heat
Sunday … July 31st … played (9) innings of baseball in 100 degree heat
Monday … August 1st … walked 1.5 miles
Tuesday … August 2nd … walked 3.2 miles

Nan and I went for my most recent appointment with Dr. Wolff on July 19th.  Dr. Wolff stated he had reviewed the Immunocal info Nan had provided him and he had also checked out Immunocal with his mentors in Chicago and at Stanford in CA.

Dr. Wolff examined me and reviewed my Diary notes since our last visit in April 2005.  He observed/noted that Immunocal seemed to be having a tremendously positive effect on my Parkinson’s treatment … and was considering treating some of his other patients with chronic pain with Immunocal … based on my experiences.  Dr. Wolff … citing my positive results with Immunocal … stated that it was his recommendation that I continue on Immunocal and not change my RX medication and check back with him in another 90 days.

Dr. Wolff also stated that Immunocal would also pose no health threats to my daughter … who started taking Immunocal for her MS … 5 days ago.

Final Comments about Parkinson’s and Immunocal:
Friends … family … loved ones … all who suffer from physical pain and afflictions… GOD is the only true physician … the only true healer … this is my unwavering belief !!!  Only he can restore our total health … but I personally thank God for Immunocal … I believe that this natural product is a Godsend for me personally.

My suggestion … contact a Distributor!
My final recommendation:  If you … or someone you love … HURTS … try Immunocal faithfully for (3) months … and make your own decision for your personal health. WHY am I so enthusiastic about Immunocal … because Immunocal gave me dignity and my “quality of life” back … in spite o
f Parkinson’s … praise God !!!

Sincerely, Dr. Lynn J. Tomjack
Denver, CO
August 6, 2005

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