Recent epidemiological studies suggest that autism may affect 1 in 150 US children. What is being done to help those who are afflicted? Learn how glutathione, the body’s master protector, is lacking in those who are suffering from this devastating illness and discover what can be done to counteract this deficiency.
Hearts stir and tears flow when you hear the mothers express their love for their children who have autism.

Listen as Karen tells her son’s touching story and discover how she found something that’s making a huge difference…

Listen to what Mark has to say about his “dramatic difference” in his daughter in just 2 weeks

Listen to Dr. Jimmy Gutman address AutismOne Conference about Glutathione

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Drugs NAC and OTC can raise glutathione levels, but their effects are short-lived. These pharmaceutical drugs also have little nutritional value. Whey proteins have excellent nutritional value but usually lack glutathione precursors. The ideal source of dietary cysteine should be natural, nutritional, bioactive, and undenatured and As many of you are aware, whey protein, especially whey protein isolates (over 90% protein), are sometimes referred to as the “perfect” proteins because they contain all the essential amino acids required for your body’s protein synthesis. With a biological value (BV) of over 110, it would be challenging to find a protein utilized more efficiently than Immunocal.

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