Glutathione – your key to living well

The content of this article is from the book “The Comprehensive Guide to Glutathione”
by Dr. Jimmy Gutman MD FACEP

At the beginning of the 70’s, under the direction of Gustavo Bounous, MD, (FRCSC), a team of researchers from the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University (Canada), was studying proteins of animal and vegetable origins in order to feed the patients with an elemental diet that would allow them to reduce their stay in hospital. Since 1978, their studies had been focusing on whey proteins. This work led to the surprising discovery that a specific undenatured whey protein concentrate helped to sustain optimal glutathione levels. Subsequent identification of the active ingredients present in this protein mixture led in 1993 to the production of a high-quality bioactive protein.

This research was supported by the Medical Research Council of Canada and the National Institutes of Health in the United States. The observed effects of glutathione precursor which have been discovered at McGill University have been evaluated by numerous independent research centers worldwide, notable in Germany, Japan, Australia, France, United States and in Nova Scotia (Canada).

The gold standard for clinical evidence for efficacy is a placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical trial. The company present research activities therefore focus on controlled clinical trials in cooperation with various clinical partners in Montreal and other clinical centers in Canada and the U.S.A. The recently published study on the effects of a research formulation of glutathione on lung cancer patients (Tozer et al. Antioxidants & Redox Signaling, 10:2, 395-402, 2008) is an example. This trial has shown quite impressive results with regard to the health benefits of this product formulation in the nutrition of seriously ill advanced lung cancer patients. Other clinical studies showing the efficacy of glutathione have been performed and published by several clinical centers.

The last few decades have witnessed a major shift from the reliance on drugs to a demand for natural alternatives. What has spurred this change is an increasingly overburdened, expensive and often inaccessible medical system that has been so busy taking care of the sick, that wellness has been left to non-conventional medicine. More and more of us are now moving from a reactive to a proactive approach to maintaining health and well-being, and this includes lifestyle changes, exercise, nutrition and natural supplements.

Until recently, many medical professionals have been somewhat wary of natural supplements, worried about quality, consistency and efficacy of what was being sold to the public. In the world of science, it is research that represents the gold standard, and without the funding available to drug manufacturers, natural products have historically fallen short of the rigor involved in investigating a new medication.

Until recently…

Both in the United States and in Canada, federal agencies (the NIH1 initiative and Health Canada’s NHPD2) have taken strides to promote the use of natural products, but only if they meet the standards of validation through appropriate research.

The companyt has taken full advantage of this opportunity, and with some ease. The flagship product, has been studied extensively with numerous medical and scientific articles written in peer-reviewed journals. Research on this natural substance already existed for over three decades.

Currently, people are looking for clinically proven, natural products that will help to improve health and help them feel younger and more energetic. You have the opportunity to gain tremendous benefits from the leader in the field of natural products.

1. NIH – National Institutes of Health
2. NHPD – Natural Health Products Directorate

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