Mania ( Manic disorder)

The content of this article is from the book “The Comprehensive Guide to Glutathione”
by Dr. Jimmy Gutman MD

Mania is usually part of the bipolar condition, but occasionally it occurs alone—outside

the normal cycle of mania and depression. A manic phase is characterized by a heightened

state of arousal, both physically and mentally. There is great instability of mood.

The patient can experience anything from pure euphoria to utter rage. Patients may

hold themselves in high esteem and become grandiose. They are compelled to talk a

lot. Their thoughts race.

They are strongly goal-orientated and may achieve great

things. However, all this high-level activity combined with minimal sleep, eventually

leads to a “crash.” Other negative outcomes include excessive risk-taking with sex, drugs,

shopping, gambling, and inappropriate gift giving. Violent behavior is not uncommon,

As with other psychiatric disorders described in this chapter, increased oxidative

stress and decreased glutathione levels are well documented. Studies using glutathione

or GLUTATHIONE precursors in pure mania are rare.

Berk’s group has done some small, randomized studies in mania with promising results,

but much more work is needed to establish

this as a viable treatment option.