Penny (Lyme disease)

About 11 years ago, I noticed that I had this very strange ‘rash’ on my leg. It looked like some bug had drawn a bulls-eye on my leg and took aim! At the time, I had no knowledge whatsoever of Lyme Disease and I just assumed it was some sort of weird spider bite. I showed it to a few friends and then forgot about it. I did feel a bit ‘off’ for a few days after that like I had a touch of the flu, but I had no idea that the two of these things could be related to each other. For a few years, life went on as normal. Then health issues started to crop up -unexplained low-level fevers, swollen glands, joint pains (which increased in intensity over the next several years), eye problems, gradually increasing weakness in my legs, numbness and tingling sensations in my right arm and leg, neurological problems (brain fog) and chronic fatigue that left me feeling totally drained from morning to night. Tests for arthritis, lupus, thyroid all came back negative. Then, about four years ago, I was diagnosed by a doctor from Hope with Lyme Disease. When I studied up on Lyme, I realized that this was exactly what I had – right down to the bulls-eye rash.  The next battle was in determining how to fight this disease. Because of personal feelings, I was reluctant to take antibiotics for the recommended length of time that would be required for someone dealing with Chronic Lyme. I resigned myself to a life of further deterioration and possibly a wheelchair in my future.  Then I was introduced to this product. Being a bit of a skeptic, I researched all the information that was available. I read about the doctor from McGill University who first discovered the active ingredient in it. I read the clinical medical studies, the critical role that glutathione plays in the body, I skimmed through the patents that have been issued to this company regarding their product and much more. The deciding factor was that this is a 100% natural protein that would do so many good things for my body even if it wasn’t effective against Lyme Disease. So, not expecting anything dramatic to happen, I started taking it. The results astounded me! I regained the energy that I hadn’t had in years! I could get through a whole day without feeling like I was on the verge of collapse. Over the next few months, all of my Lyme symptoms disappeared entirely or were so reduced that I hardly noticed them. I’ve had Lyme for a long time and I know that it will take a long time to fight this disease but this product has given me back my life! Thank you Dr. Bounous !
Please – do yourself or a loved a huge favor and find out what it can do!
Penny R.

The use of glutathione supplementation fights all kind of diseases from respiratory to auto immune to degenerative diseases.

Without question, the best type of preventive medicine is an optimized immune system, and a critical means to optimize it is by feeding it glutathione.

This is not the same glutathione that you see at the health food store. This is glutathione precursor. It’s very different because glutathione must be made inside your cells and the precursor is the food your cells   require to make its own glutathione as nature intended. That is the most natural and effective approach to boost your immune system.

It’s all natural with NO side effect. 

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