Richard with radio commentator Michael Reagan (Multiple Sclerosis)

My name is Richard J. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1997 at that time I was the chief engineer of an electrical connector company in Santa Ana California. After several months the company decided I should retire so they gave me one year salary and a nice goodbye. I went from a very good salary to Social Security. Well that was the beginning of my quest to find some way to find relief from multiple sclerosis. Since that time I have looked into multiple forms of relief, I started out by going to anyone that seemed to have something they said would help, I went two chiropractors and herbalists, I even tried Hyperbaric Medicine, which is going into a chamber which simulates you going underwater to 37 ft. and breathing pure oxygen while in the chamber, while I was doing the Hyperbaric Medicine, I found out about glutathione, which is an essential health aid, from a clinical nurse specialist who informed me that glutathione is only administered intravenously so I had him order a supply so he could administer it. So I started injecting glutathione and it really seemed to work on the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, I continued use it until I discontinued the Hyperbaric Medicine, which was too costly to maintain. I started looking for a new source of glutathione I looked throughout the Internet trying to find a new source for glutathione, I found many references to glutathione but the sources for glutathione were in pill form, and from my research I knew that glutathione does not work when taken orally. So I continued my search and bumped into a product that claimed it produced glutathione internally that product is Immunocal. I went into the Internet to locate sources for Immunocal and I got in contact with the Immunocal Company Representative and ordered my first boxes of Immunocal.
And now my story really begins. I started taking Immunocal on September 8, 2003 since that time I have started noticing a slow recuperation first after a couple of weeks the bottoms of my feet, which had very little feeling and my toes were not spreading when I wanted them to, both the feeling of the bottom of my feet has come back and I can spread my toes at will, which might not seem to impressive but when the feeling comes back and you can move your toes at will, that’s not bad. Another encouraging thing that has happened is after I came down with this little case of MS (Joke)… I was no longer able to snap the fingers of my left hand, interesting enough, after a few weeks of using Immunocal I was able, once again, to snap the fingers of my left hand and that’s also not bad. Other interesting things have been happening, I seem to have better vision and other things seem to be functioning better.”  
Richard J.

We must first clarify an important, frequently misunderstood part of the glutathione story. Glutathione must be made in your cells where it is naturally found.

Upon learning about glutathione for the first time, many people go to their health store, buy it, and start dosing themselves. However, while glutathione is freely available in this form, this sort of oral, ingested glutathione will have negligible effects on your health. The product decomposes rapidly in the digestive system and is quickly removed from the gut.

Some pharmaceutical medications, such as N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC), have been developed to provide these precursors but it carries certain toxicities itself.

There is also a natural ways to increase glutathione is a product call Immunocal and it  works by providing important glutathione precursors to the cell. It is critical that these precursors remain intact or undenatured during the manufacturing and mixing processes in order to enhance the immune. It must be made within your cells -which is where it’s naturally found. The effective way to stimulate the production of glutathione is to provide your body with the basic elements it needs to make glutathione by itself.

The use of glutathione supplementation fights all kind of diseases from respiratory to auto immune to degenerative diseases.

Without question, the best type of preventive medicine is an optimized immune system, and a critical means to optimize it is by feeding it glutathione.

This is not the same glutathione that you see at the health food store. This is glutathione precursor. It’s very different because glutathione must be made inside your cells and the precursor is the food your cells   require to make its own glutathione as nature intended. That is the most natural and effective approach to boost your immune system.

It’s all natural with NO side effect. 

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