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The content of this article is from the book “The Comprehensive Guide to Glutathione”
by Dr. Jimmy Gutman MD FACEP

The immune system coordinates a variety of specialized cells to fight off infection and other threats. The healthy growth and activity of these cells depends upon the availability of glutathione. Glutathione is at the heart of most immune functions, explaining why low levels are seen in many diseases. This is best exemplified by AIDS, which is characterized by a severely compromised immune system. 

Raising and maintaining glutathione levels can minimize the risk of these diseases. Although only very ill people are severely deficient in glutathione, those in good or fair health will benefit from glutathione supplementation, especially considering the environmental toxins and

drug-resistant bacteria we’re exposed to these days. 

The use of glutathione supplementation fights all kind of diseases from respiratory to auto immune to degenerative diseases.

Without question, the best type of preventive medicine is an optimized immune system, and a critical means to optimize it is by feeding it glutathione.

Glutathione as a dietary supplement.

We must first clarify an important, frequently misunderstood part of the glutathione story.

Upon learning about glutathione for the first time, many people go to their health store, buy it, and start dosing themselves. However, while glutathione is freely available in this form, this sort of oral, ingested glutathione will have negligible effects on your health. The product decomposes rapidly in the digestive system and is quickly removed from the gut. Apart from a few very specific instances, glutathione cannot be introduced into the body in this way. It must be made within your cells -which is where it’s naturally found. The effective way to stimulate the production of glutathione is to provide your body with the basic elements it needs to make glutathione by itself. Some pharmaceutical medications, such as N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC), have been developed to provide these precursors. There are also natural ways to increase glutathione levels, in particular the use of denatured (bioactive) whey proteins.

These are discussed throughout this website.

“I am an 82-year-old great grandmother. My daughter got involved with this product and she assured me that it could only help. I have been on HMS-90 (Immunocal) for 2 years now.

It started with a severe sunburn on one of my arms that became an open sore and just would not heal. I had it over a year. I am very small (4ft 6″) and started with 1/2 a pouch a day. Finally, I got talked into taking at least one full pouch. I like it just in water and then I add a little fruit stir up for a taste. It took about 4 weeks but then I realized that the sore was starting to close.

About 6 months along it was just a spot that looked a bit darker. I was so thankful as it was scaring me. The doctor had no answers except Cortisone cream. At the same time, I felt energy like I had not had for some time. I am a very active person, but major surgery in 1997 had knocked the wind right out of me and I was not able to get it back. HMS90 definitely made a difference.

This year I had another experience. Due to a medical accident in the early 90’s I was now fighting with a prolapsed colon. At my age no surgeons really wanted to tackle this. So I went to Toronto. Because of my persistence, a specialist took a closer look.

Although I registered as having had a silent heart attack sometime ago, he decided that all my vital signs indicated that I was a very healthy person. He also decided that he would do the major corrective surgery: through the belly cradle the colon in a netting that was subsequently fastened to the tailbone.

I had been on 2 pouches of HMS90 at least 3 weeks before and came through surgery with hardly any bleeding. Although they wanted to keep me originally 10 days, they let me out in 5. This was at the end of March and now I am fit as a fiddle.

OK, I can’t run like a 20 year-old, but I’m not far behind!”

Joan T.

Drugs NAC and OTC can raise glutathione levels, but their effects are short-lived. These pharmaceutical drugs also have little nutritional value. Whey proteins have excellent nutritional value but usually lack glutathione precursors. The ideal source of dietary cysteine should be natural, nutritional, bioactive, and undenatured and As many of you are aware, whey protein, especially whey protein isolates (over 90% protein), are sometimes referred to as the “perfect” proteins because they contain all the essential amino acids required for your body’s protein synthesis. With a biological value (BV) of over 110, it would be challenging to find a protein utilized more efficiently than Immunocal.

The use of glutathione supplementation fights all kind of diseases from respiratory to auto immune to degenerative diseases.

Without question, the best type of preventive medicine is an optimized immune system, and a critical means to optimize it is by feeding it glutathione.

This is not the same glutathione that you see at the health food store. This is glutathione precursor. It’s very different because glutathione must be made inside your cells and the precursor is the food your cells   require to make its own glutathione as nature intended. That is the most natural and effective approach to boost your immune system.

It’s all natural with NO side effect. 

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